Introducing DLT Registration for Bulk SMS? Why is it Necessary?

To comply with Indian telecommunication regulations and send legal bulk SMS messages, businesses must undergo the Tata DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) registration process. Shree Tripada, a trusted bulk SMS service provider, assists in this process and provides free DLT support. Here's a detailed breakdown of each step involved in the registration process:

Step-by-Step Guide to Tata DLT Registration

Step 1: Choose a Telecom Operator
Start by selecting a telecom operator's DLT platform. Tata Communications is one of the leading operators offering a DLT platform for businesses to register. Each operator's platform might have slight variations in the registration process, but the core requirements remain consistent.

Step 2: Create an Account
Visit the Tata Teleservices DLT Platform and create an account. You will need to provide basic information about your business, including your company's legal name, GST number, PAN, and contact details.

Step 3: Submit Documents
After account creation, you will be required to submit certain documents for verification. These typically include a company PAN card, GST certificate, incorporation certificate, and authorization letter among others. The platform will verify these documents before approving your registration.

Step 4: Entity Registration
Once your documents are verified, you'll proceed to register your entity on the DLT platform. This involves specifying your business type (telemarketer or enterprise) and providing relevant business details.

Step 5: Header (Sender ID) Registration
Businesses must register their sender ID, also known as a header, which is the name that recipients see when they receive an SMS. This header must be unique and reflect your business or brand.

Step 6: Template Registration
To further combat spam, businesses are required to register their message templates. This includes promotional, transactional, and service explicit messages. Each template is reviewed and approved by the telecom operator.

Step 7: Consent Acquisition and Management
The DLT platform also mandates the management of customer consents. Businesses must ensure they have explicit consent from customers before sending them messages and must manage these consents effectively on the platform.

Free DLT Support from Shree Tripada
  - Utilize Shree Tripada's services to simplify the DLT registration process.
  - Receive guidance throughout the entire registration procedure.
  - Access promotional, transactional, and OTP bulk SMS services at competitive prices.
  - Benefit from additional features such as bulk email, voice calls, and Bulk WhatsApp services.

By following these steps and partnering with Shree Tripada, businesses can effectively navigate the DLT registration process and maintain compliance with Indian telecommunications regulations. With Shree Tripada's assistance, businesses can focus on creating engaging and impactful bulk SMS campaigns without worrying about non-compliance issues.

Reasons to Select Shree Tripada for Your Bulk SMS Needs

Choosing a reliable bulk SMS provider is crucial for businesses to navigate the DLT registration process smoothly. Shree Tripada is recognized for its comprehensive support in this area, offering:

  • Free DLT Registration Support:Shree Tripada assists businesses in understanding and completing the DLT registration process at no additional cost.
  • Expertise and Guidance:With extensive experience in the bulk SMS industry, Shree Tripada offers expert guidance on best practices, template registration, and compliance issues.
  • End-to-End Bulk SMS Solutions:Beyond DLT support, Shree Tripada provides a suite of bulk SMS services, including promotional, transactional, and customized messaging solutions.


Navigating the Tata DLT registration process is a critical step for businesses aiming to leverage bulk SMS services effectively. While the process may seem daunting at first, understanding each step and leveraging the support of experienced service providers like Shree Tripada can make it manageable. Shree Tripada's commitment to free DLT support and its comprehensive bulk SMS solutions make it an invaluable partner for businesses looking to comply with regulatory requirements and engage with their customers through reliable, transparent SMS communications.

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