How do I Integrate Shree Tripada's Bulk SMS API with My Website?

To integrate Shree Tripada’s Bulk SMS API with your website, follow these steps:

1. API Documentation:

• Visit the Bulk SMS Service API Document provided by Shree Tripada.
• This document lists commonly used API parameters and their descriptions.
• You’ll find details about authentication keys, message content, sender IDs, routes, Unicode support, scheduling, and more.

2. Authentication Key:

• Log in to your Shree Tripada SMS account to obtain your API authentication key.
• This key will be used for authentication when making API requests.

3. API Parameters:

Construct your API request with the following parameters:

• auth_key: Your login authentication key.
• Template id: Your DLT template ID.
• pe id: Your DLT PE ID.
• mobiles: Recipient mobile numbers (comma-separated).
• message: Your SMS content.
• sender: Your sender ID.
• route: Use route=1 for promotional or route=4 for transactional SMS.
• unicode: Set to y if your SMS is in Unicode.
• schedule: For scheduled SMS, use the format YYYY/MM/DD HH:MM.
• campaign: Campaign name (optional).

4. Error Handling:

Be aware of common error codes and their meanings.

For example:
• 201: Missing mobile number.
• 401: Invalid mobile number.
• 601: Insufficient balance to send SMS.
• 605: Incorrect scheduled time format.
• 606: SMS is too long (message length must be 2907 characters).
• And more.

5. Integrate in Your Website:

• In your website’s backend or server-side code, make HTTP requests to Shree Tripada’s API endpoints.
• Pass the required parameters (authentication key, message content, recipient numbers, etc.).
• Handle API responses (success, errors, delivery reports) as needed.

For reliable Bulk SMS API services, Shree Tripada provides an API documentation that includes sample API code for easily sending SMS.

6. Testing and Deployment:

• Test your integration thoroughly using sample data.
• Once satisfied, deploy the integrated solution on your live website.

Remember to comply with local regulations and ensure that your SMS content adheres to guidelines. Shree Tripada’s reliable Bulk SMS API will empower your website to send and receive SMS efficiently.

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