What is Delivery Report in Bulk SMS?

Why is an SMS Delivery Report Important and What Does It Mean?

SMS (Short Message Service) plays an important role in successful marketing strategies. It allows direct communication with your target audience, ensuring that your messages are promptly sent and received. With nearly perfect open rates, SMS is a powerful channel for reaching customers.

However, all your efforts in creating brilliant SMS campaigns can go to waste if you don’t monitor their performance. One essential metric for evaluating SMS campaign success is the delivery rate—the proportion of SMS messages successfully delivered compared to the total sent.

What are SMS Delivery Reports?

An SMS delivery report provides valuable insights into your marketing (or transactional) messages. It indicates how many of your SMS messages have successfully reached their intended recipients. Here’s how it works:

1. Sending Process: When you send an SMS, it goes through several stages:
   • Your device sends the text to an SMS gateway managed by an SMS aggregator.
   • The SMS gateway forwards the text to the recipient’s mobile network carrier.
   • The carrier sends the message to a Short Message Service Center (SMSC).
   • Finally, the SMSC delivers the message directly to the recipient’s device.

2. Receipt Confirmation: Once the recipient’s device receives the SMS, the SMSC generates a receipt. This receipt confirms successful delivery.

3. Delivery Report: SMS software platforms collect data from the SMSC to create delivery reports. These reports provide detailed information about each sent message:
   • Recipient Numbers: The phone numbers of recipients.
   • Delivery Status: Whether the message was delivered successfully or encountered issues.
   • Unique ID: An identifier created when you sent the SMS.

How to Access SMS Delivery Reports

Different SMS platforms generate reports differently. Let’s explore how you can access delivery reports using Messente, for example:

1. Automatic Reporting: Set up automatic reporting to receive updates after each sent message is delivered.

2. Manual Reports: Request a manual report for a specific period to see the status of all sent messages during that time.

Key Information in an SMS Delivery Report

An SMS delivery report provides a breakdown of delivery status for each message. You’ll find details such as:
   • Delivered: Messages successfully delivered.
   • Failed: Messages that encountered issues.
   • Pending: Messages waiting for delivery.
   • Aborted: Messages canceled before delivery.

Remember that the SMS API used and the carrier influence the types of statuses visible in the report.

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In summary, monitoring SMS delivery reports ensures that your marketing efforts yield the desired results. By understanding delivery rates and addressing any issues promptly, you can optimize your SMS campaigns effectively.

Remember, every SMS you send contributes to your overall marketing impact, so stay informed and make the most of this powerful communication channel!

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