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Free DLT Registration

Since 2020, DLT registration has become mandatory for all bulk SMS services, offering features at no extra charge. Prior to this change, businesses could launch bulk SMS campaigns without needing DLT registration. The shift emphasizes the importance of transparency and security in digital communications. For those who have completed the DLT registration process in 2022, the registration remains completely free. This move towards compulsory DLT registration marks a significant step in regulating and improving the bulk SMS industry.

Currently in India, the cost of new DLT registration is quite low, with most telecom operators charging a minimal fee.

How to Apply for DLT ?

1. Select a Telecom Operator’s DLT Platform :
   • Choose a DLT platform from authorized telecom operators (as per TRAI guidelines).
   • Each operator’s platform may have slight variations, but all comply with TRAI regulations.

2. Register as an Entity :
   • Visit your chosen DLT platform’s website.
   • Look for options to register as a “Telemarketer” or “Enterprise.”
   • Fill in the registration form with business details (name, type, PAN, GSTIN, etc.).
   • Submit necessary documents for verification (business registration certificates, PAN card, GST certificate, authorization letters).

3. Pay the Registration Fee (If Applicable) :
   • While DLT registration is often free, some platforms might charge a nominal fee.
   • Ensure you check the fee structure of the platform you choose.

4. Header (Sender ID) Registration :
   • After entity verification, you’ll need to register your sender ID or header.
   • The sender ID is a unique name representing your business in SMS messages.

5. Template Registration :
   • Register all SMS templates you plan to use for sending messages.
   • This includes promotional, transactional, and service messages, ensuring compliance with TRAI’s guidelines.

6. Consent Acquisition :
   • For sending promotional messages, register the process of how you obtain consent from customers.
   • Showcase how consent is collected, stored, and utilized.

7. Await Verification :
   • Once all details are submitted, the telecom operator will verify your application.
   • This process can take a few days.
   • Upon successful verification, you will receive approval and can start using the DLT platform for your bulk SMS campaigns.

Additional Tips:

   • Keep all documents ready before starting the registration process to ensure a smooth application.
   • Follow up regularly with the telecom operator if you encounter delays or require assistance.
   • Stay updated on any changes to TRAI regulations to ensure your DLT registration remains compliant.

DLT registration is a process that helps create a safe and honest communication environment for people. When businesses follow the right steps, they can easily complete the DLT registration. This allows them to use bulk SMS services effectively for their communication needs.

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