Bulk Email

Bulk Email is a marketing message sent by one organization or brand to multiple potential customers. Bulk emails can be categorized as newsletters, promotional emails, acquisition emails, or retention emails which help in attaining the following objectives:

Promote a brand

Sell Products/ services

Develop a relationship with customers

Using a Bulk Email service once can avoid landing your emails in the spam folder.

Advantages of Bulk Email

1. Approved by CAN-SPAM Act:

The CAN-SPAM Act regulates and recognizes bulk email services. As such, no ISP or hosting company will block the emails from such a service.

2. Create a list of potential customers:

Bulk Email to multiple potential customers helps in creating a marketing campaign for a company’s product. The email list is updated with the emails of the interested customers. This list is later used in further marketing campaigns.

3. Allow users to manage subscriptions:

Subscription forms can be sent to potential customers to know their interests. The customers can sign up or even remove themselves from the subscription lists.

4. Handle bulk email delivery:

Using a bulk email service one can send newsletters, promotional emails, acquisition emails, or retention emails. Such services also take security measures such as encrypting the emails while in transit. The emails can be sent to a subscriber base or some targeted audience.

5. Provide email templates for the users:

A bulk email service provider provides different templates for different types of emails that can be sent such as newsletters, promotional emails, acquisition emails, or retention emails.

6. Create performance reports on a marketing campaign:

Once a business has sent emails to potential customers, it can track the trend of the emails from a dashboard provided by the service. One can analyze the customers retained or acquired due to the emails sent. Also, such a service provides for tracking individual mails sent.

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