BSNL DLT Registration Process for Bulk SMS

In the dynamic landscape of communication, Bulk SMS services play a pivotal role in reaching out to a wide audience swiftly and effectively. As businesses embrace digital transformation, complying with regulatory requirements becomes essential. DLT Distributed Ledger Technology) registration ensures transparency, authenticity, and adherence to guidelines set by telecom authorities.

Why BSNL DLT Registration Matters?

BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited), a trusted name in the Indian telecom industry, offers Bulk SMS services through its DLT platform. Here’s why BSNL DLT registration matters:

1. Regulatory Adherence: Registering through DLT secures alignment with the Telecom Commercial Communications Customer Preference Regulations (TCCCPR). It helps curb spam and promotes responsible messaging.
2. Sender ID Authentication: With DLT, businesses can register their sender IDs (also known as headers) to establish authenticity. This prevents unauthorized use of sender IDs and enhances trust.
3. Message Template Approval: DLT mandates pre-approval of message templates. Businesses must create templates adhering to specific formats. Approved templates ensure successful message delivery.

BSNL DLT Registration Process: Step by Step

1. Sign Up on BSNL Retail Push SMS Portal
   • Visit the BSNL Retail Push SMS Portal.
   • Create an account using your DLT Registered Principal Entity ID.
   • Provide necessary information during the signup process.

2. Make a One-Time Payment
   • After successful signup, make a one-time payment of ₹3000 + GST.
   • This payment covers the DLT registration process.

3. Subscribe to SMS Packages
   • Explore various SMS packages offered by BSNL.
   • Select a package that suits your business needs.
   • Subscribe to the selected package.

4. Ensure DLT-Approved Templates
   • Craft your SMS content using DLT-approved templates.
   • Ensure that your messages comply with the specified format.
   • Avoid using promotional content in transactional messages.

Shree Tripada: Your Trusted Bulk SMS Partner

Shree Tripada, India’s leading Bulk SMS provider, stands by your side throughout the BSNL DLT registration journey. Here’s why you should choose us:

1. Expert Guidance: Our seasoned professionals guide you through the entire process. From signup to template approval, we ensure a seamless experience.
2. Direct Operator Connectivity: Shree Tripada has direct connections with mobile operators in India. This guarantees reliability, uptime, and efficient message delivery.
3. Free DLT Support: Worried about compliance? We’ve got you covered! Shree Tripada- free DLT support provider , ensuring your messages meet regulatory standards.

Let’s Make Communication Easy!

Don’t let DLT registration be a roadblock. Partner with Shree Tripada, unlock hassle-free BSNL DLT registration, and empower your business communication. Reach your audience effortlessly, stay compliant, and build lasting connections.

The Strategic Advantage of Choosing Shree Tripada

Selecting Shree Tripada as your Bulk SMS provider offers a strategic advantage in navigating the complexities of DLT registration and executing effective SMS campaigns. Their expertise in compliance, combined with robust technology infrastructure, means businesses can focus more on crafting their message content and less on the technicalities of delivery and regulation.

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