TRAI DLT Regulation For Bulk SMS

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has introduced DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) regulations to streamline and secure Bulk SMS services, aiming to mitigate spam and ensure consumer protection. This comprehensive move necessitates businesses and marketers to register on a DLT platform before sending out any bulk SMS, ensuring transparency and consent in the process.

Understanding TRAI's DLT Regulation

DLT technology, a blockchain-based system, is at the core of TRAI's strategy to combat unsolicited commercial communication. By making it mandatory for senders to register their details, including sender ID and message content, TRAI aims to establish a more controlled and consent-based messaging environment. This not only enhances security but also ensures that recipients receive messages from authenticated sources.

• Sender ID Registration: Businesses must register their sender ID, also known as the header, which identifies the sender of the SMS to the recipient.
• Content Template Approval: All SMS content must be pre-registered in the form of templates. This ensures that only approved messages are sent out.
• Consent Management: The regulations mandate strict consent management, requiring businesses to have explicit consent from customers before sending them any messages.
• Scrubbing: Messages are scrubbed against the DLT platform to ensure compliance with the registered templates and consent.

The Significance of DLT Registration

For businesses, DLT registration is now a prerequisite for conducting SMS marketing campaigns. This registration process involves verifying the sender’s identity, obtaining approval for message templates, and ensuring compliance with TRAI’s guidelines. It’s a step towards more ethical marketing practices, where the focus is on delivering messages to users who have explicitly agreed to receive them.

Key Benefits of Using Shree Tripada for Bulk SMS Solutions

Shree Tripada stands out as a bulk SMS service provider that not only offers efficient messaging solutions but also provides free DLT support to its clients. Here's how Shree Tripada helps businesses navigate TRAI DLT regulations:

Free DLT Registration Support: Shree Tripada assists businesses in the DLT registration process, making it smoother and hassle-free.
• Template and Header Registration Assistance: They provide guidance on how to correctly register message templates and sender IDs, ensuring compliance with TRAI regulations.
• Consent Management Tools: With tools designed to manage customer consent effectively, Shree Tripada ensures that businesses adhere to the consent management requirements set by TRAI.
• Expert Consultation: Shree Tripada offers expert advice on how to navigate the new regulations, helping businesses maintain compliance while maximizing their messaging campaigns.


The TRAI DLT regulations mark a significant shift towards a more secure and transparent bulk SMS ecosystem. For businesses looking to navigate these changes, partnering with a service provider like Shree Tripada, which offers comprehensive support and expertise in DLT compliance, can be invaluable. With Shree Tripada, businesses can not only comply with the new regulations but also enhance their communication strategies effectively.

For more information on how to comply with TRAI DLT regulations and leverage Shree Tripada's free DLT support, visit their website.

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