Airtel DLT Registration Process for Bulk SMS

Is DLT Registration Mandatory?

DLT registration is a mandatory process for businesses intending to send bulk SMS messages. This blockchain-based system ensures that every SMS broadcast is compliant with TRAI's guidelines, aiming to protect consumers from unsolicited communications.

Airtel DLT Registration Process for Bulk SMS:

1. Visit the Airtel DLT registration page: Airtel DLT Registration.
2. Choose the appropriate option based on whether you have registered with other operators:
   • If you haven’t registered with any other operator, select “No.”
   • If you’ve already registered with other operators, select “Yes” and provide your entity ID.
3. Upload the requested documents and fill in all the necessary details.
4. Click “Submit.”
5. You’ll receive an OTP to verify your contact details after submitting.
6. Verify your email address post-registration.

How to Add a Consent Template in Airtel DLT Platform:

1. Log in to the Airtel DLT Portal using your Telemarketer/Principal Entity credentials.
2. Go to “Consent Template” and select “Add new template.”
3. Fill in the template details, including the message content and purpose.
4. Provide details for revoking consent.
5. Click “Submit.”
6. The consent template registrar will validate and verify the details within 60 minutes.
7. Once approved, the consent template ID will be registered on the DLT platform.

How to Add Content Templates to the Airtel DLT Platform:

1. Log in to your DLT Airtel Account portal: Airtel Business Communication.
2. Go to the sidebar and click on “Manage Template.”

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Adhering to TRAI's DLT regulations is not only a legal requirement but also a step towards more secure and effective SMS marketing. The Airtel DLT registration process, while comprehensive, is made significantly easier with the right guidance and support. Shree Tripada emerges as a valuable ally in this landscape, offering unparalleled expertise, direct operator connectivity, and free DLT support. Partnering with Shree Tripada not only simplifies compliance but also enhances your ability to communicate with your audience effectively, making it an ideal choice for businesses looking to navigate the complexities of DLT registration and bulk SMS communication.

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