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The fastest, cheapest, and most effective way for businesses to reach their audiences is through SMS marketing. There are currently over 6 billion mobile devices in use worldwide. Out of the 6 billion mobile phones worldwide, SMS has touched more than 3 billion mobile devices.

The most popular and widely utilized tool in modern mobile phones is SMS, which is gaining in popularity in the mobile industry.

The most effective approach to interact with and personally communicate with your customers is through text messaging. Additionally, customers are becoming more committed to and trusting of text messaging or SMS. for businesses or brands.

SMS marketing with your target audience is more advantageous than SMS marketing with non-target audiences.

Text messages have a high open rate; in recent activities, the open rate for text messages has been close to 98%. There is also a high response rate for replies to the same message, as well as the ability to phone that number.

SMS marketing adheres to the same dos and don'ts as other forms of advertising.

5 Do's
#1 Short SMS:

Make an effort to do that. Its basic language and brief messages will be easily understood by the recipients. Your message will be more credible and simpler for clients to read if you keep it to a maximum of 4-5 lines or 14–15 words.

To ensure that everyone can comprehend your sentences and cannot skip them, try to use everyday, plain language.

#2 Call to Action

As you can see, SMS is limited to 160 characters. It is the greatest method for text marketing and successful text messaging.

Include various links, such as "Buy Now," "Sign Up," "Go To Our Website," and "Contact Us caption with button." Send texts with care by utilising questions like Which, What, How, Why, Whose, etc. Use phrases like this: Since there is a good probability that your clients will respond to the same message if you ask them a question. So asking questions is the best approach to put things into conversion mode.

You can add text messages from your clients, such as what to do after seeing this message? What ought I to do? How can SMS benefit your company? And a lot more additional things that are calls to action

#3 Attention Grabber

Start your SMS marketing with an attention grabber. Create SMS messages that will help you catch the attention of your recipients. For example, you can capitalize words that are attention-getting and laser-focused on the specific services.

To attract more clients, you can utilize powerful language, such as discounts, bargains, and special offers, which you can capitalize.

#4 VIP Feeling

Give your customers the impression that they are VIPs since they are receiving exclusive deals and offers by creating customized SMS messages.

If you provide them with stuff like this, people will respond to you or contact you for further details about your goods and services.

#5 Timing

We often remark that time is of the essence and that it should be used wisely to avoid regret. Because SMS is so personal, timing is crucial in SMS marketing. Try to send them messages at a suitable moment when they can read them.

Organize your goal data into time-based segments so that customers can read.

5 Don’ts
#1 Millions of Messages -

Your communication timing and frequency should both be considered. Don't continually send messages to your customers to annoy them.

Because they receive hundreds of messages every day, they first decide the timing before sending just one message per month to give them time to consider it.

Therefore, attempt to make it appear in your SMS that your consumers are VIPs and that only they have been chosen to receive this offer globally.

#2 Simple SMS -

Make sure your message is clear and easy to understand for them. It will be quite difficult to grasp your customers if you use abbreviations in your communication.

You will be able to accomplish your aim with the help of straightforward and appealing communications.

#3 Don't Sell -

Never attempt to sell. Simply write a remark about the service, and at the moment we are offering this kind of deal.

90% of the time, they won't reply to your message if you're attempting to sell them something.

#4 Identification

Last but not least, remember to give your name and the name of your company. Gaining trust depends on how you and your company are introduced.

#5 Don't use slang or acronyms when texting.

Despite only having 160 characters to work with, texting acronyms should never be utilised in polite professional correspondence. The same consequences apply to SMS slang. You should keep in mind that not everyone is familiar with the jargon and slang used in texting.


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