Is DLT Registration Required for Promotional Bulk SMS?

In the changing world of digital marketing, sending lots of promotional texts has become a key way for businesses to talk to their customers directly and well. But, as more messages are sent digitally, regulators are paying more attention to make sure customers are protected and their private information is safe. One big rule they've put in place is that companies must register using something called Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) to send marketing texts. So, does this rule also apply to promotional texts? Let's look into it more.

Introduction of DLT Registration

DLT registration is a regulatory framework designed to bring transparency and accountability to the SMS marketing ecosystem. It's a system put in place by telecom regulators to curb unsolicited and fraudulent communication. By registering on a DLT platform, businesses verify their identity and the content they wish to send out, thereby ensuring that only approved messages reach consumers. Shree Tripada, a trusted bulk sms service provider also provides free DLT support after getting registered.

The Requirement for Promotional Bulk SMS

For sending promotional Bulk SMS, the simple answer is yes, you do need DLT registration. It doesn't matter what type of SMS it is—whether it's for transactions, promotions, or services—the same rules apply to all. The main reason for this is to keep consumers safe from unwanted spam and scams, making sure they only get messages from sources that have been checked and approved.

Why Is It Necessary?

Here below are some reasons why bulk SMS are necessary nowaday.

Protecting Consumers : By signing up for DLT, businesses can help stop spam and fake messages, making sure people don't get annoying, unwanted texts.
Regulatory Compliance : Businesses need to comply with regulations to avoid penalties. DLT registration is a step towards adherence to these norms.
Building Trust : When a business is registered, people see it as more trustworthy. It shows they're serious about keeping their communication honest and respectful.
Improved Delivery Rates : Being registered with DLT means there's a better chance your messages will actually reach people, because the companies that handle texts give priority to businesses that are registered.

How to Register for DLT?

The process involves several steps, starting with choosing a telecom operator’s DLT platform to register as a Principal Entity. Businesses need to submit necessary documents for verification, including business ID, PAN, GST certificate, and more. Once verified, they can register their headers (sender IDs) and templates for promotional messages, which also need approval before any SMS campaign can be launched.


DLT registration is indeed a prerequisite for sending promotional Bulk SMS. It's a regulatory step that ensures a safer environment for consumers and a more accountable platform for businesses. By complying with DLT registration, businesses not only adhere to the legal framework but also enhance their messaging strategy's effectiveness and credibility. In this regulated era, understanding and embracing such requirements is crucial for any business aiming to leverage the power of Bulk SMS for promotional purposes.

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