Reports state that 46% of people check their cell phones before getting out of bed in the morning. The idea that consumers always carry their smartphones with them is meant to be emphasized. The KPIs of every marketing communication are directly impacted by this behavior. Consider the claim that message open rates are 98% greater than letter open rates, despite the fact that mail open rates are actually just 20% higher.

In the age of mobile devices, SMS marketing is a gold mine for advertisers, especially since 90% of SMS(s) are received within 3 minutes. To make the most of the population in your SMS database, consider automating your advertising campaign.

You can send the appropriate texts to your consumers on time based on their activity by merging bulk SMS blast marketing with robotics. By interacting with hot new prospects at various interfaces, you will be able to develop a consistent, omnichannel approach and advance them to a subsequent phase of the channel. In this article, we'll look at what SMS marketing management entails and how it may benefit brands as they grow.

The Importance of SMS Marketing for Business Growth

SMS marketing is the practise of sending users text messages at a predetermined time and day. These texts could be distributed automatically as part of a drip method, whereby further SMS(s) are sent out whenever the recipient has finished a certain task.

Because pre-composing and planning texts to be delivered later saves brands time and money, they have adopted bulk SMS software automation. They only need to create the letter's text, provide recipient information, and set the scheduler's transmission date and time. Using SMS scheduling, you can collaborate and communicate in a variety of ways by sending repeating SMS messages and occurrence messages.

SMS Marketing Automation: How Do Businesses Profit?

You may retain consumers, reactivate dormant leads, and boost ROI by incorporating bulk SMS provider marketing into your web analytics strategy. We'll examine five distinct strategies used by brands to accomplish this using SMS broadcast software automation.

Delivering Welcome Offers and Special Offers

Today's targeted customers have a wide range of options when it comes to products and services that may meet every need. To get non-subscribers to take part in your offer and thus your offerings, you can start by developing unique and exclusive deals. Offering welcome discounts to visitors can encourage them to add additional items to their cart, increasing the order value. The average rise in order value (AOV) has a cascading effect that increases your capacity to invest more in marketing, generate more revenue from each sale, and so increase the lifetime value(LTV) of each user .

The use of SMS drip communication

Text messages that are automatically sent out depending on predetermined parameters are known as drip messaging. The wonderful thing about them is that you can create customised prompts for every typical user and connect many drips to create a series of automatic SMS(s) to be sent to clients after a specific period of time has passed following their opening. A drip sequence, for instance, makes it simple to get in touch with someone four days after they joined your SMS customer base. To prevent lead drop-off and keep your business in their minds, you can send a series of SMSs to users who join to your list. It may also be used for:

Follow up with applicants and make cross- or upsells to them.

Get opinions and review requests

New purchasers should be onboarded and candidates should be turned into customers. Customers can also receive seasonal information, cart abandonment alerts, and time-sensitive promotions via SMS drip messaging. This enables you to kindly remind customers so that they return and make additional purchases, raising the overall value of your sales in the meantime.

Identify your target demographic

For any marketing effort to be effective, it is imperative to identify your target market. The next step is to develop a bulk SMS service provider marketing strategy that is suited to the client after the target population has been identified. It's important to take into account a number of variables when identifying the target market, including age, gender, ethnicity, occupation, consumer trust in the product, and so forth. As a result, there will be more opportunities for enterprises to reach the right audience, bringing in more revenue.

Original information

Many businesses find bulk SMS service to be a cost-effective option, however problems arise when every business wants to increase sales by employing the same branding technique to attract customers. How would one firm stand out from the competition when there are many vying for clients' inboxes?

Each text can contain up to 160 characters, with multi-language allowing you to use about half of that limit. 90 percent of Mass SMS are read within the first three minutes after being received, even though telephony companies are permitted to concatenate up to 4000 characters in a single message. Sending lengthy texts is therefore not advised.

To stay competitive, businesses must keep their material original while tailoring the information to their target audience. Too many elitist and complex phrases create confusion, which costs businesses customers and money. It's crucial to make your writing original and simple.

To create a sense of urgency, promote flash sales

Scheduling messages to promote flash sales is one of the most creative uses of SMS programming. This is a huge financial incentive for businesses, especially as only 11% of items send marketing SMSs, despite the fact that 54% of customers request them. As a result, SMS marketing has huge potential for businesses trying to both increase customer loyalty and capitalize on trends that informed consumers are interested in.

The activation process is started with retargeting campaigns.

When it comes to client outreach, SMS excels in reaching out to them with things like: notifications encouraging the purchase of abandoned goods

Reviews of purchasing proposals and follow-ups

You can only retarget consumers who have already made a purchase from you because text retargeting requires the express consent of your subscribers. You can take a few actions to encourage customers to come back and make purchases with you once you've decided which ones to modify.

Before you begin developing your SMS sales strategy, ensure that you have the following in place:

• You obtain your recipients' permission to contact them.

• Use a mass SMS software platform to ensure consistency and control over your operation.

• Personalize your marketing to encourage genuine client relationships.

• Use one SMS per workflow for special occasions and time-sensitive promotions.

• Allow customers to choose the channel via which they wish to get shopping notifications and to opt out of the subscriber list.


SMS marketing is used by businesses as part of their promotional outreach plan because it is a tried and trusted tactic. In contrast to emails, it is a secure method of accessing consumers' inboxes without the fear of being spammed. SMS marketing will become more common as cell phones grow more popular. If done correctly, it can bring numerous benefits to your e-commerce strategy.

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