Reasons why you must incorporate bulk SMS services for your business in 2023

The times are changing as we near the end of another year.

The need for fast satisfaction has compelled marketers to make more rapid judgements and to stand out more. The rise of same-day deliveries, mobile shopping, and door-to-door food delivery has driven our desire for whatever we want when we want it.

Companies have discovered that SMS marketing, with the help of a bulk SMS service provider like us, stands out as the most efficient method to provide that dopamine hit, putting what consumers want right in the palm of their hands. With more companies texting (27% more in 2022 than the previous year), clever marketers should anticipate altering their methods with automation, brand promotions, and customization.

SMS Marketing trends that you may look out for in 2023

We may anticipate marketers to utilize texting for other purposes, such as retaining customers as well as influencer marketing, after being pleased by its high engagement. While we cannot forecast the future, we are convinced that the following SMS marketing trends will emerge in 2023:

• Your consumers want to speak with you

SMS marketing is not just effective in marketing; according to a survey, 75% of clients prefer receiving marketing offers through SMS. Interacting with a brand and receiving offers from your company through SMS is quick and straightforward, paving the way for greater brand-customer connections and transactions.

• Increase in transactional SMS updates

More customers are opting for SMS to get purchase/order updates, and businesses may give quick value via purchase order updates such as verification & shipping or delivery alerts. As a result, firms may cross-sell & up-sell for large orders while consumers are currently engaged.

• Using text messaging to retain customers

The new conversion technique is retention. More firms are increasingly focusing on retaining current clients. According to Forbes, expenditure on loyalty & retention marketing will climb by up to 30% next year.

You may utilize SMS to deliver links to your clients that offer exceptional discounts to persuade them to continue patronizing your company, much as Netflix does when a customer attempts to cancel their membership due to unexpected billing. They provide a free month for the consumer to use their platform and rethink. We, as your bulk SMS service provider, will help you retain customers easily without any hassle.

• SMS texts that are conversational

Conversational messaging is the practice of holding one-on-one discussions with your clients in real time in order to establish personal relationships and increase engagement. Conversational SMS may save your operating costs by up to 30% and is very dependable. There might be ten times as many sales discussions, 70% more marketing-qualified prospects, and 64% more meetings scheduled.

• Automation of SMS

Businesses realize that by connecting with the correct omnichannel communication platform, they can use the same methods employed in email marketing to SMS, and we anticipate seeing more brands take advantage of the many text marketing automation options available. These automatic text messages will include order tracking SMS, appointment confirmation texts, SMS reminders, and a variety of other features. We, as your bulk SMS service provider, are adept at automation and will automate your content and ensure that it is sent to the targeted audience at the correct time.

• Expansion via promotions, specials, and special offerings

SMS is increasingly becoming a popular marketing medium due to its impressive 14% conversion rate, which is ideal for generating income via purchases. There are several methods to use text messaging in your marketing approach. You may send SMS suggestions and bite-sized material that your clients like and react to. You may also retain clients loyal to your business by providing customized discounts and promotions depending on their purchasing history and preferences.

• SMS Will Be Important in Omnichannel Marketing

Omni-channel marketing is the process of reaching out to consumers via many channels. SMS marketing will also be an important aspect of any multichannel marketing plan in 2023. Omnichannel marketing enables firms to reach consumers wherever they are & give a consistent experience across all channels.

If a consumer begins their trip on your webpage but does not finish a purchase, you may send them a text message reminding them of what they have in their basket. That is the advantage of including an SMS service in your e-commerce platform. Consider SMS as a supplement to other channels, such as email. When used in tandem, they may assist in guaranteeing that your content is viewed by consumers who have signed in to receive your updates. And they are the folks who will eventually purchase your brand.

• The need for personalized SMS marketing will increase.

Businesses must discover strategies to stick out in the mailbox as text messaging marketing grows more prevalent. Personalization is one method for doing this. Customers are more likely to respond to text messages that seem personalized to them.

Making bespoke SMS messages for your consumers can make them feel appreciated and heard. This may be sending a birthday SMS message to a customer, adding their name inside this message, or providing a discount on their favourite product.


In 2023, text message marketing is expected to be a critical channel for small and medium-sized organizations. There are several text message marketing trends to keep an eye on, ranging from personalization and automation to influencer SMS marketing and beyond. To summarise, if you aren't currently messaging your consumers, now is the time to start. Shree Tripada InfoMedia, as your bulk SMS service provider, will help you to grow your income, boost sales, and develop one-on-one connections with your consumers


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