As another year draws to a close, the times are changing.

SMS is a powerful tool for instantly interacting with clients, staff members, and suppliers that is also quite simple to implement in any business setting.

Entrepreneurs have been forced to make more instant choices and stand out more as a result of the desire for quick pleasure. Our urge to get what we want when we want it has been encouraged by the growth of same-day deliveries, mobile shopping, and door-to-door food delivery.

Businesses have found that SMS marketing, with the support of a wholesale SMS service provider like us, is the most effective way to put dopamine rush customers right at their fingertips. As more businesses will be texting (27% more in 2022 than last year), savvy marketers will need to adjust their strategies to include automation, brand promotion and customization.

SMS Marketing Trends You Need to Notice for in 2023

We can assume that, after being happy with the high engagement of texting, marketers will use it for additional things like customer retention and influencer marketing. We believe that the following SMS marketing trends will emerge in 2023, although we are unable to predict the future.

• Your consumers want to speak with you

A poll found that 75% of customers prefer to receive marketing offers via SMS, proving that SMS marketing is beneficial for more than just marketing. SMS allows for rapid and simple interactions with brands and offers from businesses, which opens the door for more frequent brand-customer interactions and sales.

• Increase in transactional SMS updates

Businesses can provide immediate value with purchase order updates, such as verification and shipment or delivery alerts, as more customers use SMS to receive purchase/order updates. As a result, businesses can cross-sell and up-sell larger orders while customers are still interested.

• Using text messaging to retain customers

Persistence is the new conversion strategy. More businesses are putting more effort into keeping their existing customers. Forbes estimates that spending on long-term engagement and retention marketing will increase by 30% in 2019.

Similar to how Netflix responds to customers who try to cancel their subscription due to erroneous billing, you can use SMS to send links offering attractive discounts to your customers in an effort to keep them as customers. They offer a free month to use their platform so customers can reconsider. As your bulk SMS service provider, we will make it easy for you to have customers.

• SMS texts that are conversational

Conversational messaging is the practice of interacting directly with your customers to create connections and increase engagement. Conversational SMS is highly reliable and can reduce your running costs by up to 30%. Ten times more sales conversations, 70% more prospects matched with marketing qualification requirements and 64% more appointments can be scheduled.

• Automation of SMS

We believe more brands are using the many text marketing automation options available as businesses realize they can use the same strategy used in email marketing for SMS by connecting to the right omni channel communication platform

These automated text messages will have a number of functionalities, such as SMS order tracking, SMS appointment confirmation, SMS reminders and others. Because we are skilled in automation, as your bulk SMS service provider, we will automate your content and ensure that it is sent to the intended audience at the right time.

• Expansion via promotions, specials, and special offerings

Due to its remarkable 14% conversion rate, SMS is growing in popularity as a marketing tool and is ideal for earning cash through sales. There are many ways to use text messaging in your marketing strategy. You can send SMS recommendations and short pieces of content that your customers enjoy and respond to. By offering special discounts and promotions based on customers' past purchases and preferences, you can keep them coming back to your company.

• SMS Will Be Important in Omnichannel Marketing

The method of communicating with customers on multiple channels is known as omni-channel marketing. In 2023, SMS marketing will play an important role in any multichannel marketing strategy. Through omnichannel marketing, businesses can connect with customers wherever they are and provide a consistent experience

If a customer starts their journey on your website but doesn't complete it, you can text them to remind them of the items in their shopping cart. The advantage of integrating SMS service into your e-commerce platform is. Think of SMS as an addition to existing media, such as email. Together, this can help ensure that customers who have subscribed to receive your updates see your content.

• The need for personalized SMS marketing will increase

As text messaging marketing becomes more widespread, businesses must come up with ways to stand out in the mailbox. One way to accomplish this is through personalization. Text messages that appear personal to the recipient are more likely to elicit a response.

Custom SMS messages can help your customers feel valued and heard. This could be sending a birthday SMS greeting to the customer, including their name in the message, or offering a discount on a product of their choice.


Text message marketing will become an essential channel for small and medium-sized businesses in 2023. Keep track of a number of text message marketing developments, from influencer SMS marketing to personalization and automation. In conclusion, if you are not already messaging your customers, you should do so immediately. Hire Shree Tripada Infomedia as your wholesale SMS service provider, you can increase revenue, increase sales and establish one-on-one relationships with customers.

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