Benefits of Using Voice OTP

Voice OTP (One-Time Password) provides a variety of benefits for both businesses and users in a secure and efficient method for authentication and verification processes. Here are some key benefits:

Greater Security:

Voice OTPs are more secure than SMS-based OTPs as they are harder to intercept and more difficult for hackers to crack.

Faster Verification:

Voice OTPs can provide instant verification, making them a faster and more efficient way to verify users' identities.

Language Inclusiveness:

Voice OTPs can provide automated voice messages in multiple languages, making them more accessible to a diverse user base.

Self-Service Password Reset:

Voice OTPs can be used for self-service password resets, allowing users to change their passwords over the phone without needing to contact customer support.

Global Reach:

Voice OTPs can be sent to customers anywhere in the world with an internet connection, making them ideal for international businesses.

Fraud Prevention:

Voice OTPs can help prevent fraud by verifying the identity of users through multiple factors such as voice recognition and IP address location.


How Voice OTP Works?

Voice OTP works by sending a one-time password through an automated voice call to a user's mobile phone. The process is as follows:

The user enters their mobile number on the website or application. The system generates a unique one-time password and sends it to the user's mobile number via an automated voice call. The user receives a voice call, which contains a unique one-time password that the user needs to listen to carefully.

The user enters the one-time password on the website or application to verify their identity.

Example of a Service that implements Voice OTP

Voice OTPs are widely used by various businesses and industries. Here are some examples:

Banks and Financial Institutions:

Banks, microfinance institutions, and loan companies use voice OTPs to enhance security during transactions and verify user identities.

E-commerce Platforms:

Online retailers and e-commerce websites utilize voice OTPs to confirm order placements, reducing the risk of fraudulent transactions.

Logistics and Delivery Services:

Companies involved in logistics or goods delivery often use voice OTPs for authenticating user identity.

Bill Payment Services:

Bill payment companies employ voice OTPs to verify user accounts and ensure secure transactions.


Shree Tripada

Comparison of SMS OTP vs Voice OTP

Aspect SMS OTP Voice OTP
Delivery Method Sent to your mobile phone via SMS Delivered through an automated phone call
Accessibility Needs a mobile phone with text message capability Can be received on both mobile and landline phones
Delivery Speed Usually fast, but can be delayed by network issues Generally fast and less affected by network problems
Security Can be intercepted by hackers or malware Harder to intercept, offering better security
User Experience User reads the OTP on their phone screen User listens to the OTP through a phone call
Network Dependence Depends on the mobile network for text messages Less dependent on mobile network quality, works on voice call networks
Coverage Might not work well in areas with poor text message service Works even in areas with poor text service and on landlines
Convenience Easy for users who are familiar with text messaging Convenient for users who prefer voice calls or have difficulty reading texts
Scalability Easily scalable but can be limited by network providers Highly scalable and less affected by network limitations
Cost Generally low-cost, depending on the SMS service provider Can be slightly higher in cost due to voice call charges

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