Benefits of using Bulk Voice Call for businesses

Global Customer Communication: The Bulk Voice Call helps improve worldwide customer communication. With the Voice Call, you can reach a large audience and gain a competitive edge by responding to consumers in real time in a simple and professional manner.

1. Reach Many People Quickly

Send a recorded message to thousands of customers at once using bulk voice calls, saving time and effort.

2. Personal Touch

Listening to a person’s voice is more captivating than reading text. Personalized voice messages build trust and loyalty with customers.

3. Cost-Effective

Using bulk voice calls is cost-effective for reaching a wide audience without high expenses.

4. High Response Rates

Phone calls are more attention-grabbing than text messages or emails, so your message has a better chance of being heard.

5. Easy to Use

Using user-friendly software, you can easily record messages, upload contact lists, and schedule calls without needing technical skills.

6. Immediate Feedback

Services allow recipients to press a button for live agent connection, message leaving, or opting out, providing valuable customer feedback.

Simple Example for Placing Programmable Voice Calls

If you want to place programmable voice calls, you can use a service like Shree Tripada. In Python, sending out a Bulk Voice Call message is as simple as this:

Step 1: Install the Shree Tripada Python Library

First, you need to install the Shree Tripada library. Open your terminal and run:

pip install Shree Tripada
Step 2: Write the Script to Place a Call

Create a Python script (e.g., and add the following code:

from import Client

# Given Account SID & Auth Token from
account_sid = 'your_account_sid'
auth_token = 'your_auth_token'
client = Client(account_sid, auth_token)

# The phone number you want to reach with your Bulk Voice Call message:
to_phone_number = '+1234567890'

# Your phone number
from_phone_number = '+0987654321'

# The URL of the file that contains instructions for the call
shreetripada_url = ''

call = client.calls.create(

print(f"Call initiated with SID: {call.sid}")
Step 3: Create a File

This file is used to provide instructions for the call. Here’s a common example of a CSV file that you can use for your Bulk Voice Call campaign:

Save this as voice.xml and host it on a server, or use Shree Tripada's hosted service.

  <Say>Hello, this is a test call from [Your Company Name]. Have a great day!</Say>
Step 4: Run the Script

Run your Python script:


Features of Bulk Voice Call services

Bulk voice call services provide an effective and efficient means to communicate with a large group of people via pre-recorded voice messages. Here are some key features that make these services essential for businesses:

1 : Capabilities for Broadcasting Voice Messages

Broadcast pre-recorded voice messages to thousands of recipients at once.

2 : Easy-to-Use Dashboard

Control your entire voice campaign with a simple and intuitive interface.

3 : Group Audience

Group your contacts for targeted communication, resulting in more effective communication.

4 : Planned Voice Campaign

Schedule your messages to go out at a specific time, or send them right away.

5 : Multilingual Support

Deliver personalized messages in your customers' preferred language for an enhanced experience.

6 : Outstanding Support Team

Get answers and guidance from our friendly support team anytime you need it.

Bulk Voice Call

Top Reasons to Partner with Shree Tripada for Bulk Voice Calls

Shree Tripada stands at the forefront of bulk voice call services, offering businesses reliable and cost-effective solutions tailored to their communication needs. With a focus on delivering high-quality voice messages, Shree Tripada ensures minimal downtime and maximum reach for your campaigns. Their advanced technology supports scalable options, accommodating businesses of all sizes.

Trust Shree Tripada for efficient, scalable, and customizable voice services like Bulk Voice Call, Voice OTP, and IVR Services that elevate your business communication strategies effortlessly.

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