Distributed Ledger Technology registration is a crucial process for businesses that use bulk SMS services. To help you navigate this process, Shree Tripada provides free DLT support for DLT registration. This blog addresses the most frequently asked questions about DLT registration, helping you understand the requirements, procedures, and compliance aspects involved.

What is DLT registration?

DLT registration involves registering your business and message templates with a DLT platform, which is regulated by telecom authorities to ensure transparency and reduce spam in SMS communications. It ensures that only authorized entities can send bulk messages, protecting consumers from unsolicited communications.

Why is DLT registration necessary for bulk SMS services?

DLT registration is mandated by regulatory authorities such as the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) to:

- Reduce spam and fraudulent messages.
- Ensure transparency and accountability in SMS communications.
- Protect consumers from unsolicited messages.
- Maintain a standardized process for message delivery.

Who needs to register for DLT?

Any entity that sends bulk SMS, including:

- Businesses sending promotional messages.
- Organizations sending transactional messages like OTPs.
- Service providers sending informational messages.
- Banks, e-commerce platforms, educational institutions, etc.

What are the types of messages that need DLT registration?

Messages are categorized into three main types:
1. Promotional Messages: Sent to promote products or services.
2. Transactional Messages: Sent for transactions like OTPs, alerts, and informational messages. These can be sent to DND numbers.
3. Service Messages: Sent for providing updates or information related to a service opted by the user.

How do I register for DLT?

Step-by-Step Guide to Register for DLT

1. Choose a DLT Platform: Select a DLT platform regulated by TRAI, such as the ones provided by telecom operators or service providers like Shree Tripada.

2. Sign Up: Create an account on the chosen DLT platform.

3. Submit Documents: Upload necessary documents such as business registration proof, PAN card, and other identification details.

4. Register Headers: Register your message headers (sender IDs) that will be used to send SMS.

5. Register Templates: Submit your message templates for approval. Each type of message (promotional, transactional, service) must have a separate template.

6. Approval: Once the regulatory body approves your registration and templates, you can start sending bulk SMS.

Shree Tripada offers free DLT Support for DLT registration process, ensuring a seamless registration experience.

What documents are required for DLT registration?

The required documents may include:

-Business registration certificate.
- PAN card.
- Aadhaar card or other government-issued ID.
- Authorization letter.
- Company GST certificate (if applicable).

How long does the DLT registration process take?

The DLT registration process can vary depending on the platform and the completeness of your documentation. Generally, it takes a few days to a couple of weeks for the entire process, including document verification and template approval.

What are the charges associated with DLT registration?

Charges can vary based on the service provider. Shree Tripada, for example, offers free support for the DLT registration process. However, some common charges may include:

- Initial Registration Fee: Some platforms may charge a one-time fee for registration.
- Annual Maintenance Fee: Ongoing maintenance fees may apply.
- Template Approval Fees: Fees for submitting and approving message templates.

What happens if I don't register for DLT?

If you fail to register for DLT:

- Your bulk messages may be blocked by telecom operators.
- You may face penalties or fines imposed by regulatory authorities.
- Your business credibility and customer trust may be compromised.
- You might be blacklisted, preventing you from sending any future messages.

Are there any ongoing compliance requirements after registration?

Yes, ongoing compliance requirements include:

- Regularly updating message templates.
- Ensuring message content adheres to approved templates.
- Maintaining opt-in mechanisms for recipients.

What is the role of Shree Tripada in DLT registration?

Shree Tripada offers free support for the DLT registration process, helping businesses navigate the complexities of compliance. They also provide some of the cheapest bulk SMS services, including transactional, promotional, and OTP SMS, ensuring cost-effective and compliant messaging solutions.

How does DLT impact the delivery of bulk SMS?

DLT ensures that all bulk SMS are sent through authorized entities, improving the overall quality and reliability of message delivery. This leads to:

- Higher delivery rates.
- Reduced spam and fraudulent messages.
- Enhanced customer trust and engagement.

Are there any specific deadlines for DLT registration?

Yes, regulatory bodies like TRAI have set specific deadlines for DLT registration to ensure compliance. It's crucial to register within these deadlines to avoid penalties and ensure uninterrupted messaging services.

How can I ensure my business remains compliant with DLT regulations?

To remain compliant:

- Review and update your message templates daily.
- Ensure all messages adhere to approved content.
- Implement clear opt-in and opt-out mechanisms.
- Keep eyes on regulatory updates and changes.

What support does Shree Tripada provide for DLT registration?

Shree Tripada offers comprehensive support for DLT registration, including:
- Guidance on document submission.
- Assistance with form completion.
- Template registration support.
- Ongoing compliance advice.

Is it possible to send messages to DND numbers after DLT registration?

Transactional and service messages can be sent to DND numbers if they comply with regulatory guidelines. Promotional messages should only be sent to non-DND numbers.

How does DLT enhance the security of bulk SMS services?

DLT enhances security by:
- Ensuring only registered entities can send messages.
- Reducing the risk of spam and fraudulent messages.
- Providing a transparent and accountable messaging ecosystem.


DLT registration is essential for businesses using bulk SMS services to ensure compliance, security, and efficiency in their communications. By understanding the requirements and processes involved, businesses can navigate DLT registration smoothly and leverage its benefits. Shree Tripada's support and affordable services make them a valuable partner in this journey, ensuring that your bulk SMS operations are both compliant and cost-effective. Additionally, Shree Tripada provides the cheapest bulk SMS services in India, making it a cost-effective choice for your messaging needs.

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