Underrated Reasons Why Business Must Use Bulk SMS Marketing

To believe that a Business broker is no more than an estate salesperson is just incorrect. If you want to thrive in Business, you must create tight relationships, including both buyers and sellers. They often have to become a mediator for their pickier customers, an instructor for those who are unfamiliar with the neighborhood, and, most crucially, exceptional marketers.

Business agents, property managers, and brokers must be able to contact, engage, and nurture prospects. A Businessfirm has little possibility likelihood of succeeding unless it can connect with and create relationships with its customers.

Consumers nowadays seek to interact via several means. SMS, or mobile text messaging, is one of these methods. It only makes perfect sense for brokers and agents to get started with Business Bulk sms marketing and gain the advantages that it provides.

Text message marketing for Business

Sales seldom come without work, and in today's fast-paced environment, you must use every available channel to nurture and investigate prospects. Because we are used to utilizing emails and other internet advertising strategies to contact prospective clients, we have forgotten about the more conventional direct marketing ways. Business Bulk sms marketing is one such strategy.

SMS marketing is among the simplest and quickest methods to reach out to consumers. Everyone, smartphone or not, may get an SMS on their phone. Thus, the information will reach them practically immediately. Interested in learning more? The advantages of Business text marketing are discussed more below.

How well does text message promotion in Business work?

According to surveys, 82% of individuals read a text within the initial 300 seconds of receiving it, yet just 1 in 4 emails are examined, with more than 95% judged irrelevant. People are hesitant to accept newsletter emails because they are flooded with them on a regular basis, which undermines confidence and goes nowhere.

Bulk sms marketing is used to include hand-crafting and sending SMS messages to each of your customers individually.Business agents may now plan automatic SMS messages to be delivered at a certain time or when a consumer texts with a specific keyword.

The Advantages Of Business Bulk SMS

So, what are the advantages of Business Marketing using SMS? After all, this ought to be just one weapon in a Business professional's inventory, alongside social networking, video marketing, and other technologies.

When it relates to Business text marketing, the advantages are many, but here are the top ten reasons why agents should increase their usage of SMS:

The Open Rate Of Sms Is High.

SMS is sometimes overlooked as a communication channel by firms, which typically concentrate only on email and possibly social media as more "cool," despite the fact that its open rate much exceeds that of emails. According to Gartner, SMS has an astounding 98% open rate, whereas email has just 20%.

Consumers Wish To Receive Sms Notifications

Don't be concerned about bothering your prospects or compromising their privacy by sending them SMS alerts. The fact is that customers are content to opt-in to SMS messages. This figure is as high as 86% in the United States and 82% and 77% in Europe and Asia, respectively.

It Is Cheap

When compared to other kinds of marketing and promotion, Business Bulk sms marketing is quite affordable, costing just a fraction of what other "high-tech" methods do. For example, it is quite simple to send bulk SMS, deliver crucial information to your prospects, and so create leads more rapidly.

It's More Personalized

Young people nowadays are more inclined to purchase or rent a property, and they want more individualized communication, which email can not deliver. Email is still a crucial business tool, but it is sometimes too impersonal for individuals. There is no comparable sensation with SMS.

There Are Fewer Barriers.

Spam accounts for roughly 45% of all emails sent, while this figure might potentially be higher. This is one of the factors why individuals nowadays are so hesitant to allow any form of advertisement into their email. People often use spam filtering software to safeguard themselves from spam as well as some other undesirable emails, which may often prevent legitimate notifications from reaching their receivers.

SMS has no such obstacle to entrance. It's a direct link to consumers, and all you require is their sign-up (which we already showed is strong) to immediately send them text messages. After all, you should not misuse this ability since irritated prospects may still ban your phone number.

Faster Response

Email contributed a great deal to enhancing fax response times. However, for a company that often depends on quick answers from prospects, it may not be fast enough. People are more likely to reply to a notice you give them simply because they keep their mobile phones nearby.

You Can Send Text Messages Automatically.

Another advantage of Business SMS marketing is that you do not have to create a fresh answer for each SMS you get. Instead, you may configure personalized answers based on specified keywords to send the information to your customers more quickly. If they are seeking listing pricing, for example, you may already have an automatic SMS message ready to send. We, as your Bulk SMS service provider, will help you do so.


Hope you have understood how a Bulk sms marketing strategy will help your Business business. Shree Tripada InfoMedia, as your Bulk sms service provider, will help you get the best experience at the most affordable rates. Get in touch with us today to learn more.


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