Underrated Mistakes You Must Avoid While Running A Bulk SMS Campaign

Every business has one goal in mind: to generate profit. In such saturated and competitive markets, the one and the only way to achieve success is to concentrate on creative marketing tactics while ignoring mistakes. SMS marketing is one such strategic approach that can aid in revenue growth.

As smartphone users surpass 90% of the community, businesses must be present on smartphone platforms in which their customers are.

As a result, there are numerous opportunities for marketing companies in the SMS field of marketing. A well-executed bulk SMS provider can boost your range collector. However, if you don't use it correctly, you risk losing potential revenue and harming your brand's image. Read on if you want to avoid these common mistakes that come up while following a bulk SMS campaign.

Bulk SMS Campaign Mistakes

Use of colloquial language or tone at random

While not everyone can relate to jargon and industry-related terms, it is essential for companies to avoid unprofessional dialect & abbreviations, which make your brand appear too modest.

The tone of the content should not be too informal or too professional. It should also be simple to understand. Try using a language that is free of jargon and acronyms to boost your as well as the credibility of your brand.

Not delivering quality messages

They simply believe that if we send many SMS, we will be able to meet our goal. However, this isn't the case. When you are overly concerned with quantity, quality suffers. If we keep sending SMS to customers, they will get tired of it and block our number. This dilutes our goal.

Absence of consent

Make sure your bulk SMS services include opt-in and opt-out options. Always get permission from your consumers before adding them to your bulk SMS group. Customers are bound to become irritated by too many promotional SMS accompanied by so much noise from hundreds of companies.

This also has an impact on your brand's reputation because consumers will perceive your company as uncaring. In addition, a lack of permission or consent may force them to initiate legal proceedings against your brand. We, as a bulk SMS provider, always take the consent of the customers before sending them any SMS or adding them to any groups.

Not including a call to action

As we know that 90% of SMS are read within 180 seconds of delivery, it is critical to immediately focus our customers' attention on the purpose of the message. The CTA is the most useful component of an SMS. A CTA can be a message, link, or phone number that encourages them to examine the message further. You can include offers, discounts, deals, and even links in the message. Some common examples include Visit Us Today, Buy Now, Call Now, and many more. When these are lacking, the message fails to serve its purpose. So, don't forget to include a call to action to give your SMS more weight and make it more professional.

Choosing the incorrect bulk SMS service provider

When it comes to technology partners, you must exercise extreme caution.Bulk SMS markets are oversaturated, and you must evaluate them based on several factors, such as cost, uptime, delivery rate, and backup. Before investing your money, carefully examine and study reviews online for these service providers.

You can go with a reputable company like us . Our customers appreciate our fast delivery and expert after-sales service.

SMS timing errors

Everything revolves around timing. This rule extends to bulk SMS. Customers are more inclined to be irritated if they are contacted at odd hours. And quite rightly so. Although companies around the globe have managed to regulate the timeframe of marketing SMS, mistakes can still occur. Have you ever noticed how beverage and food brands send SMS during mealtimes? This is a clever strategy for convincing users to click on this CTA if they intend to go out to chow down.

SMS template that is lengthy and complicated

Customers today don't have enough time to open & read every text. They usually glance at SMS and other notifications in the notification panel and delete them right away. A clever arrangement of words together in a sequence should be sufficient to communicate your message & leave a positive impression without taking too much time. Always strive for 3C practice when it comes to yourbulk SMS service: clarity, conciseness, and call to action. Long texts are unprofessional and may cause your audience to become confused.

Inconsistency with bulk SMS strategic plan

Once you launch your marketing strategy, determine an optimal frequency and stick to it. The goal should be to find a happy medium. Consumers will be confused and opt out of your bulk SMS service if you send too many texts in one week and then too few the next.

Being overly frequent is another common mistake marketers make when operating bulk SMS service campaigns.. People will ignore your texts even if they do not opt-out in these cases. Both scenarios are dangerous. Choose the best & most ideal frequency for your business based on your sector & type of subscribers.


These common errors are easily avoided if one pays careful attention to the details. Concentrating on these individuals will assist you in creating the 'ideal bulk SMS campaign.' We will help you make the most out of this strategy because smartphones are the most accessible to customers and the easiest to exploit. So, get in touch with us today and give wings to your business.


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