Underrated Mistakes You Must Avoid While Running A Bulk SMS Campaign

One thing any company wants to do is make money. Ignoring failures and focusing on innovative marketing strategies is the one and only approach to succeed in such oversaturated and rigid markets. One such strategic move that can help in revenue growth is SMS marketing.

What if your SMS marketing effort was destined to fail from the start? A marketing effort like this can still be quite effective. Unfortunately, a lot of organizations wind up committing SMS marketing errors that prevent the success of their campaigns.

Read below article to avoid mistakes while running a bulk sms marketing campaign.

Some Common Mistakes That Will Ruin Your SMS Marketing Campaign

1. Avoid Using Slang and Abbreviations

However not everyone can understand industry-specific language, it's extremely important for businesses to avoid unprofessional slang and abbreviations because they make your brand look too generic.

Both a casual and formal tone should be appropriate for the subject matter. Moreover, it has to be easy to learn. To increase your reputation and that of your brand, try utilizing language that is devoid of acronyms and jargon.

2. Forget to Identify Yourself

When you send text messages to your customers keep that in mind that your customer may treat a text message as spam or believe it was sent to or from the wrong number if they don't know who sent it. Introduce yourself as you would when meeting someone in person. Customers are more likely to respond when they recognize that you are communicating with them. Repeating your business name also helps people recognize it.

3. Not delivering quality messages

They basically think that if we send a lot of SMS we can achieve our goal. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Quality matters when quantity is your primary priority. Customers will block our number if we keep sending them SMS because they will get tired of it. This weakens the effect of our intention.

4. Absence of consent

Make sure opt-in and opt-out options are available for your bulk SMS services. Before engaging customers in your bulk SMS group, always ask for their consent. Customers would inevitably become irritated by receiving too many SMS advertisements from various businesses

Due to the negative perception your business will receive from customers, this also affects the reputation of the company you represent. Furthermore, if they are not given authorization or approval, they can be forced to file a lawsuit against your company. As a bulk SMS service, we never send an SMS to a customer without first getting their permission, and we never add them to any groups

5. Not including a call to action

Given that 90% of SMS are read within 180 seconds of delivery, it is essential to draw clients' attention to the message's purpose right away. The most helpful element of an SMS is the CTA. A CTA is anything that prompts the reader to read the content again, such as a message, link, or phone number. In the message, you can provide bargains, discounts, and even links. The phrases "Visit Us Today," "Buy Now," "Call Now," and many others are typical examples. When these are absent, the message's goal is not achieved. Therefore, don't forget to include a call to action to strengthen your SMS and improve its professionalism.

6. Choosing the incorrect bulk SMS service provide

You must be extremely cautious while choosing technological partners. The marketplaces for bulk SMS are oversaturated, so you must assess them based on a number of criteria, including price, uptime, delivery rate, and backup. Take the time to properly check and research internet reviews of these service providers before you invest any money.

You can choose a legitimate company like us. Our clients value our prompt delivery and knowledgeable after-sales support.

7. SMS timing errors

Timing determines everything. SMS in bulk are covered by this rule. If customers are contacted at strange hours, they are more likely to become upset. And rightfully so. Even though businesses all over the world have learned to control the SMS marketing duration, faults might still happen. Have you ever observed how food and beverage companies send SMS messages when people are eating? This is an ingenious technique for persuading consumers to click on this CTA if they plan to go out to eat.

8. SMS template that is lengthy and complicated

Today's customers lack the time to open and read every text. They typically give SMS and other notifications on the notification window a quick check before deleting them. It shouldn't take too much time to convey your message and make a good impression using a clever arrangement of words in a sequence. When it comes to your bulk SMS service, always strive for 3C practice: clarity, conciseness, and call to action. Long texts are impolite and could confuse your audience.

9. Inconsistency with bulk SMS strategic plan

Once your marketing campaign has been launched, choose an ideal frequency and stick with it. Finding a good middle ground should be the aim. If you send too many texts one week and then too few the next, customers will become perplexed and stop using your bulk SMS service.

Another major error that marketers make when doing bulk SMS service campaigns is being too frequent. Even if they choose not to opt-out in certain situations, people will disregard your texts. Both possibilities are risky. Based on your industry and the types of subscribers, select the frequency that is best and most suited for your business.


If one pays particular attention to the details, these common mistakes can be easily avoided. You may create the "ideal bulk SMS campaign" by concentrating on these people. Because smartphones are the most widely used and easiest to use by clients, we will assist you in making the most of this technique. So get in touch with us right away and give your company wings.

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