Verified Messaging

Use Verified SMS to Take Your Business to the Next Level!

Sending an SMS is one of the quickest ways of communicating something important, to anyone in the whole world. It is also very easy to type a message and send it to the desired recipient. Sending an SMS also increases the likelihood of sending any text accidentally. With just a few unnoticed presses of the keys, one can send a message to another person. Moreover, the ease with which messages can be sent has also caused an increase in the number of spam SMS that people receive.

These spam sms can contain a malicious link that can compromise the security of the user that receives and opens the link. So, due to the high usage of SMS across the world, it has become difficult for people to trust the messages they receive. SMS can also be a great marketing tool and can be used to inform and help people by offering the right services required by them. However, with the high number of spam SMS people generally give to SMS has diminished.

People often feel sceptical, when they receive promotional SMS from any business organization. Simply because they’ve received spam SMS in the past. So, for business organizations that use SMS for promoting their products and services, it is crucial to establish trust first and foremost, when interacting with potential customers via SMS.

One of the best ways of doing this is making use of Verified Messaging.

Verified SMS can enhance the impact of the SMS greatly and it quickly establishes trust in the reader’s mind.

Here are some benefits of using Verified SMS:

1. Stand Out from the Crowd:

Every mobile phone user receives several messages throughout the day. Few of them even get opened, since the majority of these SMS are spam. In such a scenario, business organizations need to distance themselves from spam SMS, emphasize their importance and gain the user’s attention. For this purpose, it is best to use verified messaging.

2. Greater Engagement:

Users are more likely to open messages that appear safe and sent from a legitimate source. When a user knows that the SMS is verified, they can trust what is being communicated and are more likely to engage with the message they receive. This often results in higher user activity and enhanced brand exposure for the business organization using SMS for promotional purposes.

3. Secure Communication:

When users become aware that legitimate business organizations use verified SMS, they also become aware of the other spam messages they receive, and this makes them less likely to fall into a scammer’s trap. So essentially, verified SMS is beneficial equally for both the customers and the business organization using it.

One of the best agencies that offer Verified SMS tools for business organizations worldwide is Shree Tripada. They are well known for:

• Reliable Service:

We have a team of highly qualified staff that designs impressive IT solutions and offer support at every step of the way while implementing.

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Compared to other agencies that offer these services, Shree Tripada provides a range of IT services, at very affordable rates and aims to offer the highest quality of products.

• Well Established:

Shree Tripada has quickly established itself as one of the fastest emerging organizations offering the best in business IT services to clients worldwide with their performance.

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