Omni Communications

How about having a magic wand that can control all different works for you?

While it seems impossible to own a magic wand, it is perfectly possible to have an omnichannel for different communication tools. Managing the different channels like email, phone, and online chat in one place has multi-disciplinary advantages to the service industry. Shree Tripada offers dedicated Omni communication services to ensure that businesses never miss a single notification from any customer. It further facilitates the teams to manage their work efficiencies by using interconnected and seamlessly integrated communication channels.

Omni Communication Features:

Omni communication is a step higher than the multiple channels in providing high levels of accuracy and customer services to different businesses. The top features of Omni communication services include:

• Single interface: It provides a single interface for multiple communication channels like messaging apps, email, online chat, phone calls, in-app chats, SMS, etc.

• Quick installation: Omni communication has quick installation with unlimited integration possibilities.

• Eliminate separate integrations: Omni communication is a self-disciplinary service that integrates with other systems automatically without the requirements of manual integrations.

• Dedicated APIs: Omni communication comes with dedicated APIs at different layers to provide end-to-end seamless communication services.

Why Choose Us?

Shree Tripada believe in the power of high-end technology and is your first partner in selecting the Omni communication services as:

• Effective customer communication strategy:

Customers require quick and easy communication with the service providers. Thus, Shree Tripada works hard in designing an effective customer communication strategy for different businesses using our Omni communication services. All your AI-powered tools, regular contact center tools like phone calls, chat, etc., and knowledge base get the best optimization in our Omni communication services.

• Valuable customer insights:

Our Omni communication services unify different data points. This helps businesses to generate valuable customer insights that can be used to modify the existing marketing campaigns. These customer insights further facilitate quick and effective decision-making at the company level.

• Evaluate agent productivity:

Omni communication services help different businesses to evaluate agent’s productivity. Our Omni communication dashboard provides real-time customer interaction data to ensure precise training and feedback to your employees.

• Affordable pricing:

We offer feature-rich Omni communication services without bulging out your company’s budgets. All Omni communication services from Shree Tripada are powered by affordable pricing that makes us unique from others.

• Dedicated customer support:

We have a dedicated and technical team of communication engineers with top problem-solving skills. Thus, whenever our clients are stuck in different technical or non-technical issues in their Omni communication channel, our customer support takes the charge. It is further easy and quick to reach our customer support.

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Different businesses trust Shree Tripada for leveraging the potential of Omni communication. With proven expertise in delivering high-end and affordable technology, there are no chances for your business to miss on the Omni communication services. Contact Shree Tripada today to unlock the power of unified communication.

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