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2 Way Messaging

Interactive. That is the keyword when it comes to establishing relationships in the business world. Sharing product details through offline mode is outdated. Today customers like to get interactive responses when they have queries regarding your products. The 2-way messaging service allows for communication between the business and client in an interactive manner.

Benefits of 2-Way Messaging

1. Grow the Customer Database:

Send a text to customers that encourages them to join your service to receive the latest updates. Once they joined, the business can send ads and even billboards to them.

2. Encourage Engagement:

Use specific keywords in a 2-way messaging to respond to customer queries. Clear the customers’ doubts as soon as possible. Allow them to reply in yes or no, post their query, or even confirm a request you have placed.

3. Gain Real-Time Insights:

2-Way messaging is a great way to get feedback from the customer. Instead of surveys, get feedback in queries resulting in yes or no. This will help in increasing the response rate.

4. A Better ROI:

Compared with the cost of other services you might be using to lure customers, 2-Way messaging provides a better return on investment. It’s cheap yet the returns are maximum.

5. Modify Campaigns:

Change your campaign plans as necessary. This is a big advantage with 2-way messaging. Unlike print or other media, here you can change your plans on the fly.

6. Coupons:

Businesses can offer free coupons to the customers who agree to opt-in for a service you provide within a timeframe. If the user affirms to opt-in, the business provides the coupon details.

Why Us?

We are a premium IT Organization focusing on quality, innovation, & speed. Our customers have known us for various reasons. Some of them are:

1. Latest Technology:

At Shree Tripada, our team grows the clients’ business using the latest trending technologies

2. Maximum Server Uptime:

One of the factors why our customers are happy with our team is the maximum uptime they get. Our servers stay connected 99% of the time.

3. Retention Rate:

Using various services such as 2-Way messaging, Bulk-SMS, Bulk Email etc., our team helps our clients retain their 100% customers.

4. Customer Support:

Experts at Shree Tripada provide a hassle-free experience and long-term support to our clients. Our clients can expect quick and easy solutions from Shree Tripada.

5. Success Rate:

Shree Tripada was founded in 2011. So far we have serviced different types of clients in those ten years. We are proud of our success rate that grows every time we service a client.